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On this page, you can find how to purchase a subscription to myDATA dll.


Initial Subscription:121500,00€


This product is subscription-based and requires a yearly commitment. When your subscription is about to expire, you just pay for the DLs you want to keep. The minimum number of DLs that can be renewed is 12. More DLs can be added to your current subscription at the prices listed in the table beside.
The matching scale with a single price is used when renewing. Renewal of 105 DL, for example, costs 105 x 50.00 €.


up to 10060,00€/DL
from 101 to 50050,00€/DL
from 501 and more40,00€/DL

*The Deployment Location specifies where the DLL file will be activated. This is effectively the entire number of users’ PCs, with one exception: If the user formats or replaces his PC, the deployment location cannot be obtained until your licence is renewed, at which point the Deployment Locations will be reset. We recommend that you obtain more deployment locations than you actually require.
**The Starter Plan is sufficient to get you started coding. If you require more DLs at the start, the cost will be 1500,00€ plus the additional DLs required. You can purchase more DLs at any time at the pricing mentioned in the table above.

Payment Methods

  1. Deposit into a bank account: We will supply you with an IBAN so that you can deposit the subscription amount for your plan.
  2. Instant debit/credit card payment: We will provide you a link where you can pay the subscription amount for your plan quickly with your debit or credit card.
  3. In credit card instalments: We will provide you a customised link through which you can pay for your plan’s subscription in credit card instalments.
  4. Through myCommerce, our products’ authorised reseller. View the reseller’s FAQ.
Can I pay in instalments without a credit card?
When will I receive the activation keys?

Within one business day of receiving payment.
If you order through myCommerce, the reseller will send you your activation keys right away.