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The Greek myDATA
system’s library.
Simple invoice transmission
and management!

You don’t have to deal with the
myDATA API Documentation
and its complicated definition.

The myDATA dll library will assist you in embedding the Greek invoicing system
without knowing any Greek tax specifics.

myDATA Api

What exactly is myDATA?

myDATA, which stands for My Digital Accounting and Tax Application, is the Greek tax office’s platform via which companies must issue electronic invoices and keep electronic records.
The new system was authorised in 2018. The Greek tax office, chose to postpone its mandatory implementation to provide businesses more time to adjust to the new regulations.
All Greek companies must use the myDATA platform for e-invoicing, tax returns, and bookkeeping. Use of myDATA is mandatory since November 1, 2021.

The Problem is :

Lack of knowledge of Greek Tax Legislation for the implementation and support of myDATA prevents you from entering or remaining in the Greek software market dynamically. Additionally, the myDATA API Documentation is difficult to use and constantly in Greek.

myDATA Api Documentation

Online Documentation

You can browse a complete documentation with code samples and guides.
The documentation includes step-by-step instructions to help you successfully integrate myDATA into your applications.
This library includes a wealth of additional tools in addition to all the information included in the REST API Documentation and Greek tax laws.